大阪YMCAインターナショナルスクール 校長


The OYIS Mission statement declares that we offer a ‘well-rounded curriculum emphasizing global awareness’ in which students are ‘active participants.’ These key phrases shape our approach to teaching and learning at OYIS which is inquiry-based and focused on developing internationally minded, well-balanced individuals who will contribute to the society of tomorrow.
We welcome you as participants of our Saturday School and Intensive programmes and are delighted that you will have the chance to share in the school’s mission not only by learning to communicate in the global language, English, but also by developing lifelong learning skills.
Enjoy your time at OYIS, ‘where learning comes to life!’

Mr. Murphy / Principal of Osaka YMCA International School

大阪YMCAインターナショナルスクールの使命は、生徒が、グローバルな視野を持ち、全人的な教育を通して、自ら参加する学習者となるような英語で行うカリキュラムを提供し続けることです。サタデースクールや、短期集中プログラムの教授法や学び方のコンセプトもまたこの使命にも続いており、未来の社会を力強くリードするような、国際的感覚を持ち、バランス感覚のとれた大人になるように育成しています。 学校を代表して、サタデースクールまた集中プログラムにご参加の皆様を心より歓迎申し上げます。また皆様のお子様が単なる語学学習だけではなく、学校のモットーである”where leaning comes to life「生きた学びの場所」のコンセプトにおいた、生涯にわたって役立つ学習スキルの基礎を身につけられる機会を得たことが何よりも私たちの喜びです。

校長 ジョン・マーフィ


大阪YMCAインターナショナルスクール サタデースクール コーディネーター

Kevin Jon Johnson, English Coordinator B.A.


Our programme allows children under age six or seven with no English language ability to join. With students aged three to five, our early childhood section connects with our Elementary stream, which commonly has four levels. We also have advanced classes in Elementary or ACE classes for children with very strong English ability. Quite often these children have lived abroad in the USA or another English speaking country with their family.
We use various, high quality texts to build English language skill. We also use English in several formal and informal settings through an entire day, assisted by able teachers and using computers, song, drama, sports, cooking and art. Our goal is to teach the students how to read, write and speak English in a fun and safe yet demanding environment that supports risk-taking.
The ability to read will best set your child on a lifelong path of English learning in Japan. We also assess students on the core skills of English as a foreign language (EFL) development: reading, listening, speaking and writing in both the Elementary and ACE streams.
We keep the class sizes small and well supported. Each class has a Japanese assistant as well as a teacher. The programme continues to improve and grow, and we hope that your son or daughter may become part of our school in the near future.



ケビン・ジョンソン サタデースクールコーディネーター


大阪YMCAインターナショナルスクール サタデースクール ティーチャー

Conchita Dumagay, Saturday school teacher

“Learning English is learning a new Culture”. Welcome to OYIS Saturday School and Intensive Programmes. This program provides children the opportunity to learn English in fun, exciting and challenging ways; in a loving and friendly environment along with our very supportive teachers and staff. It also prepares students to become active, caring, lifelong learners, and global thinkers. I’m looking forward to meet you all and become part of OYIS Vision and Mission.
Conchita Dumagay, Saturday school teacher



コンチータ・デゥマゲイ サタデースクールティーチャー



大阪YMCAインターナショナルスクール サタデースクール ティーチャー

Tyson Kent, Saturday school teacher

My objective as a Teacher/Leader is to provide fun individual and group learning environments to develop a high level of proficiency in English Language and lifelong learning skills. Individuals learn at variable rates with different learning styles and preferences for capturing information. No one approach to acquiring any skill or concept will be productive for everyone. As an English language Educator I try to cross all areas of curriculum, provide a variety of tools and resources to address the divergent needs of each student. Thus, allowing students to participate and function fully in any English setting.



タイソン・ケント サタデースクールティーチャー